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This tutorial explains how to automatically like Facebook posts of Friends with just a single click. I will demonstrate two methods by which you can auto like Facebook posts of friends on Facebook on its web interface. Both of the methods included in this article will let you perform this task efficiently. More interestingly, one of […]

How To Post To Multiple Facebook Groups

Do you have something important to share and a bunch of Facebook groups ready to listen? Here’s how you can get the word out quickly. Facebook communities are vibrant, active places full of people looking for a distraction. If you have something relevant and interesting for them to read, they’ll be all over it. Just find […]

How to Download Entire Facebook Photo Albums of Friends or Pages

In this tutorial,I will show you how to easily download friends Facebook photos albums or Facebook Pages photos albums even if you are not the owner of the Facebook account or page. I will also explain how you can download Facebook photos albums if you are the owner of the Facebook account or page. Lastly,I […]

How to extract Facebook page likes history by countries to Excel

In this tutorial,I will show you how to extract any public Facebook page likes history to Excel.For example, how many fans did page X have 5 months ago and the countries of the fans. In a hurry? Sign up for Quintly (Free 14-Day Trial For All Packages – NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED) and download historical fans data in […]

Decide Which Facebook Friends See You Online & Which Don’t, The Easy Way

Facebook is quite open about its goals; the company dreams of a world in which everyone is connected at all times. Perhaps that’s why it’s so difficult to sign out of Facebook Chat and become entirely invisible. The very idea of “offline” or “invisible” is the antithesis of everything the company believes in. However, being “invisible” […]