Free Online Excel Training Course!

This free online Excel class was created with the goal of helping you learn Microsoft Excel. In these video tutorials I teach how to use Microsoft Excel 2010 specifically, but most of the information is applicable to previous versions as well.

I’d recommend checking out the Lesson Guide which lists the lessons in the ideal order for viewing, especially if you plan on going through the course start to finish.

These lessons are intended for everyone to use, so while I would like to add more jokes and make it a little more fun, I have to make the lessons accessible to non-native English speakers.  Feel free to reach out to me with questions or suggestions via the contact page!

Before watching the videos, make sure to download the Master Workbook to follow along!

Newest Lessons (last posted 6/26/18):
Introduction to Financial Modeling – Part 1
Introduction to Financial Modeling – Part 2
Introduction to Financial Modeling – Part 3

Workbook & Reference – Video Lessons

Function & Formula – Video Lessons

Macros / VBA – Video Lessons

Excel Tutorials, Tricks & Quick Tips (Non-Video Lessons)

Function Related Lessons (Planned Lessons)

  • How to Write Complex Custom Formulas Using Multiple (i.e. nested) Functions
  • Microsoft Excel Help

Workbook & Reference Related Lessons (Planned Lessons)

  • Protecting and Hiding Information & Formulas
  • Advice on Setting Up Models, Worksheets, and Intelligent Data Structure
  • What-If Analysis (Data Table, Goal Seek, etc) and the Solver Add-In
  • Setting Up Useful Templates to Help Automate Work
  • Additional Functionality & Advanced Usage of Pivot Tables
  • Presentation Options For Data / Information
  • Copying / Pasting Functionality (values, transpose, formatting, constants, links, etc.)
  • Introduction to PowerPivot

Job Industry Specific (Planned Lessons)

  • Financial Planning & Analysis – Techniques for Budgeting (This may be a multi-part lesson as it will go through the entire budgeting process using a fictional business).
  • Accounting – Useful Excel Adding Sheet I made to assist with ticking, tying, footing, and more during my Public Accounting days.
  • Financial Reporting and Performance Dashboards

Macros / VBA Lessons (Planned Lessons)

  • Additional Macro Walkthroughs and Advanced Training in VBA Programming
  • Creating User Defined Functions in Excel
  • Creating your own personal Macro Workbook that you can use on any active workbook.

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