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Learn by Doing: Intro to VBA via Adding Charts Example

Thanks to Nick Williams at Acuity Training for this guest post! All content that follows is credited to Nick Williams, and was directly provided to Excel Exposure: This article gives people who are new to Excel VBA a very good overview of the practicalities of how VBA code is written and used in Excel, as well as an introduction […]

Video Lesson: Introduction to Macros & VBA

Using macros in Excel requires knowledge of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).  In this video lesson you will get an introduction to how macros work within Excel and how to build them.  The video lesson includes the following topics: – Setting up Excel workbooks to use Macros & VBA (filetype, menu and security settings). – […]

Video Lesson: Information Functions in Excel

In the following lesson I go through the Experience Level 1 Information Functions.  These functions are used to obtain information about formatting & referencing about specific cell or range references.  In this lesson I review the following functions: ISBLANK – ISERROR – ISTEXT – ISNONTEXT – ISNUMBER as well as the following info_types of the […]

Video Lesson: Logical Functions and Formulas

This Excel video lesson is about Logical Functions and Formulas in Excel.  Here are the formulas that I go through in the video lesson (click below for larger image): Logical formulas are extremely useful in more advanced Excel spreadsheets/methods and they are a great tool to have at your disposal. Make sure to download the […]

Excel Video Lesson: Date & Time Functions

As listed in the Master Workbook, there are functions grouped into categories. This video is a demonstration of the Experience Level 1 Date & Time functions. The functions covered in this video lesson are: DATE — DATEVALUE — TODAY  — DAY  — MONTH — YEAR TIME — TIMEVALUE — NOW — HOUR — MINUTE — SECOND CORRECTION: I mention in […]