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Excel Video Lesson: Advanced VLOOKUP Examples

Advanced Vlookup Examples The VLOOKUP function is one of the most frequently used functions in all of Excel.  In this video lesson I go over some advanced usages of the VLOOKUP function including: – In-depth overview of the VLOOKUP syntax: = VLOOKUP ( lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, range_lookup ). – Examples of how to set up […]

Video Lesson: Math and Statistical Functions

This Excel video lesson is about the Experience Level 1 Math and Statistical Functions in Excel.  Here is the level 1 function list extract from the Master Workbook that goes along with the video lesson. The formulas discussed in the video are as follows: MIN – MAX – AVERAGE – MEDIAN – SUM – PRODUCT – SUMPRODUCT COUNT – COUNTA […]

Protecting and Hiding Information and Formulas

Thanks again to Nick Williams at Acuity Training for this guest post! When creating an Excel spreadsheet that is going to be sent on, particularly to those less Excel savvy, it can be useful to restrict certain functionality, as well as hide information and formulas. This will stop the spreadsheet from ‘breaking’, where formulas stop working or […]

Video Lesson: Error Checking & Data Monitoring

Error Checking and Data Monitoring in Excel In the following video tutorial, I go over the following items in detail: – Explanation and example of major error types in Excel: #DIV/0 — #VALUE! — #REF! — #NAME? — #NUM! — #N/A — #NULL! – Overview of Excel’s built-in error checking options and functionality. – How to use “Go […]

Video Lesson: Formula Auditing & Evaluation

Formula Auditing and Formula Evaluation are powerful components in Excel, and today’s video lesson goes over the following uses of the Formula Auditing features: Show Formulas:  How to change view to show formulas instead of cell results. Formula Evaluation:  See how Excel views the formula as you walk your way through the calculations. Trace Precedents / Trace […]